Key features and requirements for QuickTeam version 2.5

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Application language: PHP 4 or 5
Database supported: MySQL, SQL Server, Postgres, Oracle, Firebird, SQLite, IBM db2 or MS-Access via odbc
Mail using default php function or smtp server

Security and user settings
Coppa compliant
Secure registration via e-mail
Secure registration with image code checking (GD library)
E-mail privacy protection
Picture supported

Complete customisation with css templates
Multiple language support (v.1 includes english, french and dutch)
Can add your website as Home menu
Team listings can be included (link) in other web pages(with several options)
Birthdays calendar
Enable/disable welcome message, icon legend, team description

Powerfull search tools
Unlimited number of teams (classified by domains and sortable)
Unlimited number of private teams (for staff members or administrators only)

Members information
Personnal information can be edited by users
Some personnal information can be made hidden (private) by users
Team information can be edited by staff members (or can be made editable by users)
Mailing list generation (reserved for staff members)
database fields configuration: display format and field name (translation) and supporting choice listbox popups.


Web host supporting PHP
• 4.3
• 5.0 or next

Database server:
• MySQL 5 or above
• SQL Server 2000 or above
• SQL Express 2000 or above
• PostgreSQL 7.x or above
• Oracle 9i or above
• Oracle Express 9i or above
• Firebird 2.0 or above
• SQLite 3.0 or above
• MS Access 97 or above

Any ftp client to upload the application files and to set the permissions